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Adults Only Bananas
Aluminum Eggs
Baked Apple
Baked Apples
Banana Boat
Banana Boats
Boy Scout Potatoes
Burgers In Foil
Camper's Baked Potatoes
Campfire Baked Apples
Campfire Chocolate Eclairs
Campfire Foiled Chicken Dinner
Campfire Hobos
Campfire Muffins
Campfire popcorn
Campfire Potatoes
Campfire Potatoes
Campfire Stew
Campfire Stew
Campfire Upside Down Cakes
Caramel Apple
Cheap Pie
Chicken Creation
Chicken In Foil
Chocolate banana
Complete Meal
Corn on the Cob
Easy Chocolate Bananas
Fish in Foil
Foil Baked Fish
Foil Breakfast
Foil Dinner
Foil Dinner
Foil Dinner Meatballs
Foil Packs
Foil Sundaes
Foil Wrapped Potatoes
Foiled Again Apples
Foiled Burgers
Foiled Chicken
Foiled Fish
Foiled Onions
Grilled Vidalia Onion
Ham and Cheese Sandwich Bake
Hamburger and Potatoes in Foil
Hamburger and Rice in Foil
Hamburger Surprise
Hearty Hash Browns
Hobo Popcorn
Hot Chicken Sandwiches
Mineshaft Pig
Minty Banana Boats
Mountain Melts
Outdoor Potatoes
Packet Meatloaf
Party Pork Stripes
Pi-Chee Ham
Popcorn in Foil
Rice on the Coals
Silver Turtles
Stuffed Tomatoes
Stuffed Zucchini or Onions
Tin Foil Pizza (Serves 12)
Tomato and Mushroom side dish
Turkey and Stuffing Roll and Apple-stuffed Acorn Squash
Vegetable Pack
Vegetarian Foil Pack (Serves 4)
Wieners in foil
Worm in the Apple